Pioneer error E8305 unsupported file

Before we even get started on this blog. Always carry more than one USB.  I always carry at least 2 with me. Heres a link to a

5 pk 32 GB Sandisk USBs I buy from Amazon  

This is a problem many of us have faced, sometimes Pionner will freeze, glitch or shut down. I had this issue happen to me quite a few times just as I was running out of time to pick a track. Its frustrating when you download new music you really want to play and you get the "error E8305" message. Im no expert on bit depth and sample rates but I did figure out a solution that works for me.

This is my basic understanding of audio formats.>

When it comes to downloading music from our favorite platforms such as Bandcamp, Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes Etc, there is plenty of audio formats to choose from. We are all familiar with the standard Mp3, but not everyone knows the difference between Mp3, AAC, AIFF, and WAV files, etc. There is 2 main types of audio formats: Lossless  and lossy. A lossless file is a format that has not been compressed, there for its audio quality is high. A lossy file is a format that has compressed data. 

This is Pioneers exact supported audio file formats if you wish to geek out to it.

If youre downloading music from Bandcamp make sure that youre bit rate isn't 2,116 kbps. these files will not be read by Pioneer and will cause it to crash. Always check your music before you download it to your USB. I personally like to download my music WAV at 1,411 kbps. This works for me; I don't have that annoying problem anymore not knowing why my new bangers won't play when im ready to drop them on my sets.

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You learn something new every day, thank you for this!

Swaysav November 07, 2021

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